You never know what these Tech Geeks will say on this live call-in radio show. Every week is a fresh new blend of humor and their combined technical knowledge as they attempt to answer random questions from the vey low tech grandma to the super savvy and ultra geeky listeners who call in. No geek related topic is off limits from Mobile Apps, PC and MAC Hardware, Software, Data Backup, Tablets, Phones, Operating Systems, Digital Security, Home Electronics, Drone Technology and current happenings in todays rapidly changing computer and high tech world. For more information or to be a guest on the Geek Speak show, call 918-237-4400 or visit our website

Geek Speak Shows

Geek Speak - May 13, 2018

This is mothers day Episode of Geek Speak. Answers for businesses wanting digital signatures incorporated into their software systems, 2018 technology trends predicted by Forbes, Bitcoin Review, Bracing for more Server Security Updates, 4 things to know about G-mail's big Update.

Geek Speak - May 6, 2018

Tech Tip on Cell Numbers, Brace for more MS Security Updates, Change your twitter account password immediately! Wazzzaaaaaap! WhatsApp is adding Group Video Calling Soon. A Non-exploding Lithium ION technology and several questions answered by callers, on this Geek Speak Show.

Geek Speak - Apr 22, 2018

High end convertible PCs, Hacked by a thermometer, the new Sony A9, affordable editing software and more callers than we could get to, on this Geek Speak episode.

Geek Speak - Apr 15, 2018

Dave & Rob tear into Social Media companies exploting kids & discuss the latest platform that does not track & sell your data. On this episode of Data3's Geek Speak.

Geek Speak - Apr 8, 2018

Join the Geeks as they give away an Amazon Fire HD8 to the best caller. Has your MSP got your back? 10 questions every business should ask their Managed Services Provicer. Is Apple really dropping Intel from it's Notorious iMac product line? Fid out how switching your DNS provider could speed your web searches by 28%. Firefox may have solved the facebook privacy issue. Diamond & Silk takes on Zuckerberg, who's right? On this episode of one of the best Geek Speak Shows ever.