You never know what these Tech Geeks will say on this live call-in radio show. Every week is a fresh new blend of humor and their combined technical knowledge as they attempt to answer random questions from the vey low tech grandma to the super savvy and ultra geeky listeners who call in. No geek related topic is off limits from Mobile Apps, PC and MAC Hardware, Software, Data Backup, Tablets, Phones, Operating Systems, Digital Security, Home Electronics, Drone Technology and current happenings in todays rapidly changing computer and high tech world. For more information or to be a guest on the Geek Speak show, call 918-237-4400 or visit our website

Geek Speak Shows

Geek Speak - Aug 06, 2017

Geek Speak welcomes BK Rogers, local IT and networking expert to discuss let the new IPv6 and the dying IPv4 for networking architecture that is being rolled out cross the nation by virtually all internet providers. Other topics include why Ethereum is likely to take over Bit Coin & the video card shortage the US is currently experiencing.

Geek Speak - Jul 30, 2017

Dave brings back new Data3 intern, Jeremy Gorden, along with Nathan Parks of Rogers County Sheriffs Department to discuss the latest in cyber security and why companys must constantly test their networks vulnerabilites.

Geek Speak - Jul 23, 2017

The Geeks Robert and Dave introduce 16 year old, Data3 intern Jeremy Gorden to the show, who breaks down the new Intel/AMD battle heating up between The new Corei9 and Ryzen processors. Office 365 vs Office 2016, pros and cons, and data degredation real or fake news? Find out on this episode of Data3's Geek Speek.

Geek Speak - Jul 9, 2017

What is disruptive technology and how does it affect the world we live in. The Geeks explore the most disruptive technologies past and present. You may have already been affected, but if not you will be. Join the Geeks for this look at how drastically things are changing.

Geek Speak - Jul 2, 2017

What? Another new Ransomeware attack! Microsoft says a new Windows 10 patch will Ransomeware proof your machine. Hummmm, Are we falling for that? Why is the NSA joining GitHub and sharing code? Oscar Mayer expands its fleet of Wiener mobiles with a Wiener Drone that delivers hot dogs from the sky. What is a good solution for adding multiple monitors to Mac computers? Join the Geeks for this fast paced, funny and informative episode of Data3's Geek Speak.