You never know what these Tech Geeks will say on this live call-in radio show. Every week is a fresh new blend of humor and their combined technical knowledge as they attempt to answer random questions from the vey low tech grandma to the super savvy and ultra geeky listeners who call in. No geek related topic is off limits from Mobile Apps, PC and MAC Hardware, Software, Data Backup, Tablets, Phones, Operating Systems, Digital Security, Home Electronics, Drone Technology and current happenings in todays rapidly changing computer and high tech world. For more information or to be a guest on the Geek Speak show, call 918-237-4400 or visit our website

Geek Speak Shows

Geek Speak - Mar 4, 2018

Dave & Robert invite Brian Largent of The ArcLight Group to discuss the challenging issues business have with regulatory compliance such as HIPPA & PCI. Brian points out how unsupported operating systems cause immediate compliance failures and what businesses need to do to protect themselves. The Geeks discuss how Apple caved to China regarding the location of some of their customer's encryption keys. Several calls from listeners too. All on this episode of DATA3's Geek Speak.

Geek Speak - Feb 25, 2018

Call after call, this episode is full of user calls. Listen in as the Geeks take callers answering technology questions and helping a youngster through some decisions on repurposing an old MAC computer.

Geek Speak - Feb 4, 2018

Un-Patched Adobe Flash Player Vulnerability, Melt Down & Spector Coming Soon to a device near you, Crypto Currency Mining Malware, Critical Oracle Micros POS Exploit Affects over 300,000 payment systems world-wide, Apple Announces new mobile technologies, Augmented Reality Real Applications for Medical AR, AR Apps for Navigation, AR Gaming Takes Off, AR for Advertising and Promotion All on this packed episode of DATA3's Geek Speak.

Geek Speak - Jan 28, 2018

The largest Cyber Currency heist ever just happened, so is your digital wallet safe? Think your Linux or MacOS machine is safe? Think Again. Plus, a long list of 2018 bests, including processors and network switches, all on this episode of Data3's Geek Speek.

Geek Speak - Jan 21, 2018

Data3's Guest hosts from Beasley Technology Ryan Wilson and Josh Duvall offer insight and opinions on: Net Neutrality, Sever Virtualization, Voice Over IP Systems MS Surface Books & iPads.