DATA3 can create a decision support system (DSS) or tool that is specifically designed to help you create computer-generated analyses (charts and graphs) of your data on your own. A decision support system provides you with query / analysis information to support a particular decision-making activity. DATA3 has developed multiple decision support systems such as EFDMS (Electronic Fleet Data Management System) that allows airlines to analyze volumes of data instantly. DATA3 programmers can develop such applications quickly and efficiently, and can write custom web-enabled front-ends allowing ease of use. DATA3's ability to filter data and provide query / analysis tools to management to generate their own reports and charts with summary data is a big help in making good, informed decisions. DATA3 can develop these vital decision support systems to help you run your business profitably and efficiently.

  • Ability to quickly develop and implement custom query / analysis tools
  • Create web-enabled reports and charts tailored to specific business function or process
  • Targeted for business managers and key-decision makers
  • Quick, secure and user-friendly access to custom reports