Our certified Oracle database consultants will install and configure your database for optimum performance. We can design and integrate a backend database for your web and application servers that will provide you with a high performance fault-tolerant solution. Our database hosting components include:

  • Hardware/Software Provisioning
  • Required physical layout of the Oracle 8i database
  • Logical layout of the database
  • A strong foundation with optimal initialization parameters for the database
  • Perform security audits
  • Eliminate data fragmentation
  • Monitor Disk I/O usage and overall database performance
  • Set-up and configure Standby Server to provide 24/7 high availability
  • Configure Management Server for remote monitoring and job scheduling
  • Implement appropriate hot and cold backup procedures
  • Optimize and tune the database for optimal performance by analyzing tables, introducing proper indexes and segregating table spaces
  • Monitor rollback segments, table extents, chained rows
  • Set up archive logging on a production server for means of recovery and synchronization of the standby database

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