Sound business contingency planning for many operations require the storage of mission-critical data and information in an off-site location in the event their primary location is damaged by fire or other disasters.

By utilizing centralized, real-time, byte-level, high-availability data replication into a secure location such as the DATA3 Enguard data center, your I.T. business functions will have zero downtime, which means continuous availability even in the event of unforeseen disaster, ensuring continued company revenue, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Enguard Server Replication (ESR)

This DATA3 service replicates changes as they occur at the byte-level over any shared or private IP-based network, and ensures that changed data can be protected immediately and that an up to data replica can be made available in an instant if necessary.

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Enguard Automatic Failover (EAF)

This DATA3 service includes the ESR benefits, and in addition, in the event of a primary server outage - planned or unplanned - allows a secondary server to stand in with the push of a button or automatically, providing maximum availability to end users with uninterrupted service.

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Enguard Work Space Recovery (EWSR)

Business continuity planning does not end with offsite hardware and data replication. If a disaster renders your offices inaccessible ENGUARD can help. ENGUARD provides office space and computers so that your employees can carry out business critical operations.

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